Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Here in East Anglia this morning it is a Cold Foggy and Frosty morning, so I thought I would share this story with you, and hopefully make you smile…..
At the beginning of November last year, we were shopping in Huntingdon when Maurice led me into a mobile phone shop; he had decided he was going to buy me a new mobile phone for Christmas, my old one couldn’t pick up a signal, here where we live, now I wasn’t too worried about that, because I mainly used the land line, and I found it quite amusing as we left the town to be alerted to messages that had been left for me! when I finally got a signal. So now I have a lovely new pink phone that takes pictures videos and all sorts of things that I haven’t yet tried ….I was allowed to have the phone then so I could get to grips with all the new features.
Just before Christmas Maurice and his brother decided it would be nice to spend the morning together, so Maurice drove over to Peterborough, parked up at his Brothers house, and they walked into town, the route they took was by the river, something they had done many times as children; by the land where their Dad’s farm had been and where they were brought up, it must have been so nice chatting away together, reminiscing about the old times.
Maurice knew I was saving my Boots reward points, to buy my self some perfume I was lusting after, all through the autumn when ever we went shopping I would pop into the shop for a sample spray So he thought he would buy me a little surprise aditional Christmas present..... Right so now we have the brothers ,who it has to be said both have a wicked sense of humour, and not a little blarney being Irish !in Boots ,Maurice asked the young lady who served him “have you got Estee Lauder’s Sensual perfume please ? “We have says she", she duly sprayed some for them to check! “Hmmm “says Maurice in an aside to his brother Mike,”smells like Flit to me “, Mike walked away giggling, as Maurice was paying, the young lady asked him, did that erm what’s its name? you mentioned, smell nice?”Oh yes”, says Maurice” it was a killer “!......of course the poor girl was far too young to understand the joke,

.....'Flit’. This was a tin of insecticide mounted sideways on the bottom of what can best be described as a bicycle pump. You pumped the handle as hard as you could and a fine spray of fly killer emerged from the nozzle. The trouble was, that unless you could keep pumping at an almost impossible speed the pressure dropped and the spray became more of a squirt. ..... And the smell was---- well !.........nothing like Estee Lauder's Senuous........
And the moral of the story is ....dont let those two out on their own !

.As usual folks have a nice day

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

I opened the door ,and IN -FLU-ENZA !

I cant believe it is three weeks since I last posted ,but inspite of having my 'flue' jab last October ,I am afraid I have been stricken by a horrible bug that laid me low for nearly two weeks,with aching bones aching muscles you name it ,it ached !Each day since Monday has seen me feeling abit stronger ,I still feel tired ,but not as bad as I did ,so here goes..... if we forget the time I was languishing in my bed
It was the AGM of the residents forum on January 9th,I am on the committee as you know ,a vacancy had arisen for a vice chairman/woman ,I was nominated and duly elected ,and got two thirds of the votes ....
Here I am Madam vice chair !!

My well done hug ,from my dear chum Jackie ...
if we both look surprised, it is because we didnt realise Jackie's Husband John was taking the picture ,I just had to include the picture because I know Jackie's cousin Sandra in Canada reads my blog .....hi Sandra (waving )
Then it being the first Wednesday in the month,off I went to my over sixties club where we had a high old time ,Sid who is Shirley ,one of the committee members husband came along with his disco gear and kari-okee,is that how you spell it ? never mind you know what I mean ,Sid sang some favourite songs to us ,he has a lovely voice and he took us back to our teens ,ahhh ,for a while !He invited singers to the stage and Bella ,who is over eighty ,sang a lovely rendition of 'Welcome to my World',and I wasnt the only one wiping away a tear
And then Sid asked us to dance ,weeeeelllll ...He is playing ,'I am the music man 'I come from down you way and I can pla ay ,I play the Damn Busters ....der der der der da da dar darr ....See the turquoise aero plane !.... Hmm !

Think the one below must be' match of the day ' sig tune yerr ,thats Shirley with me .

And of course no party would be complete with out the birdy song ,'with a little bit of this and a little bit of that and you shake your bum ' That is Bella in the embroidered cardi ,I got her up for a waltz ,and she told me off for not following her ,thought I was taking the lead ,OH NO ! she is quite a gal ! bless her dear heart shes lovely .....
So there you have it dear friends ,I will try not to be awol so long next time ,as usual have a good day avoid that flu if you can (I dont recommend it )As usual lots of love from

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Should old aquaintance be forgot ...

I am hopelessly behind ,with the contents of my Dash board ,over the last two days ,what ever page I tried to open ,I got the message,page cannot be found ! Then after numerous attempts this morning.......it is now afternoon ,so we are well into the first day of 2009 ....I managed to find my blog ,and seem (touch wood and a good back wind )to be back on course ! Did you stay up to see in the New Year ? We did ,though we stuggled hee hee ! Maurice had a good excuse he had been to work from six till six ,but had a nap when he came in ,We had phone calls from the family last night and this morning ,and made some too ,Maurice is off now till Sunday ,we will probably go out tomorrow but today we will just chill out at home ,Chill, being the operative word here, it is very cold out .

We watched the fireworks on the TV ,from the London Eye ,what an amazing sight ,there were also some pretty amazing firewords around here at midnight ,Maurice watched them from the garden along with Glen our neighbour ,I couldnt go out with them I had a petrified little dog cuddled up to me ,poor Kizzie she hates fire works
I would like to wish all my Family and Friends near and Far ,A Happy Healthy Good New Year Maurice joins me in those wishes to you .....So as ever lots of love from