Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Brrr it's still Autumn !

The above graphic was made by Missie ,who rightly said how proud of it she is, having won a competion with it ,

As it has been so cold and damp here, I havent ventured far the last few days ,we had no snow ,well none that settled ,the winds have been strong ,and did I say its been cold brrr ?I havent been idle though , just completed another quillow,it is for my Granddaughter Charlotte's Christmas present ,and I have started yet another one also a present ,and I have knitted the back and a sleeve and a half of a cardigan ,also a present ,back to good old fashioned Christmas ,home made presents ,made with love !
Maurice is at work today ,the last of six ,he will be off for three days,so we may be busy , and find somewhere to go .Then on Saturday ,when Maurice goes back to work ,Chrissie my daughter in law ,my Daughter Kate ,sister Jean and I are going to my late Husband's, sister in laws Eightieth Birthday party ,Her Husband Aubrey died last year ,but her daughters who are giving her the party said Dad would have wanted her to have a party ,so it will be nice to see everyone again ,I did venture out to the co op ,which is just down the road ,yesterday and bought a couple of books in there ,a Tess Gerritson that I hadnt read and an Ian Rankin they were £1.99 each not bad ?as well as whatever else it was I had run out of !As I said to my Kate when she rang yesterday, life revolves round the 'computer ,the telephone,the sewing macine,the TV and the cooker ,probably in that order hee hee ....poor hoover and ironing board ! '.....Any way to continue the theme started on my journal I am posting some pictures I took of Lavender Blues latest window display ,

Ah well better get back to the sewing machine ! Have a good day everyone and keep warm ,With love from,

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Answers on a postcard please ....

No header today ,I have spent nearly all day trying to do this entry ,Last Monday Maurice and I went to St Ives again ,we like that little market town ,it is the St Ives in Cambridgeshire,not the one in Cornwall,otherwise we would be visiting Jayne ,I had spoken about us going when I saw Charlotte on Saturday and she promptly recited the rhyme ,

As I was going to Ives,

I met a man with seven wives,

Every wife had seven sacks,

Every sack had seven cats,

Every cat had seven kits,

Kits , cats , sacks , and wives,

How many were going to St. Ives?

It reminded me of some pictures I had taken on our way there ,some time ago ,fields with llamas ,these were taken when they had all been shorn ,Thankfully I noticed that their fleeces have grown again ,Think of all that lovely knitting wool 'corr '

We called in at the Garden and leisure centre too and guess what ? You remember those big polar bears that were for sale ? Maurice drew my attention to the fact that they had all been sold ...thought we were in a credit squeeze ,I hadnt noticed I had my head down making for the craft section ,Well I think that is it for today,except to say it has turned very cold so if you are going out wrap up ,you can borrow my socks if you like ... lots of Love

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The tenants conferance

Hi again ,every one ,before it becomes ancient history , I thought I would post some pictures of our Tenants conferance that we attended on November 1st ,held recently at the Deaf /blind association building (we hold it there as we need a big venue ,so therefore we are suporting a worthy cause ,rather than one of the big hotel conferance rooms where they charge the earth )As well as work shops ,(the one I went to was safety in the home )We have speakers ,on varios subjects, competions ie best garden etc Lots of lovely eats and chats to our friends ,This year a group of us thought it would be nice for us to hold a craft exibition ,of craft work done by our residents ,Needless to say I took some of the things I have made ,
but Jackie ,Jen and I were delighted by the amount of clever people who brought along examples of their handiwork Janice and Dick our Tenant Participation Managers were pleased with the results too ,and gave us all some delicous choccies to show their Appreciation

Here I am all packed up to go ! big bag of craft stuff and table covers etc ,and my old sewing machine not the one I use ,an old one I have ,that added to the display !!

Jackie ,Jen and I ...(the three J's )

Here is our lovely Janice showing of the cake that was made for the occasion,

We were entertained by these very talented singers ,

Jan and Maria ..who is a Housing manager chatting away ,

See the toy dog wearing Kizzies sweater ! and my Quillow

My poncho ,and sewing machine with a part made cushion cover !,can be seen in this one beside that book of beautiful paintings ,we also had the most amazing cross stitch embroidery on show too .

Bestest friends Jackie and Jan
And last but not least Maurice and I ......
Hope you enjoyed seeing some of our pictures ,as ever with love from ....

Sunday, 9 November 2008

We must Remember them ....

With thanks to my dear friend Debbie who made this very special tag for me last year .
Last evening Maurice and I watched The Royal British Legion service of remembrance from the Albert Hall, on Television .It was as impressive as ever, Her Majesty the Queen ,and her family were in attendance ,as well as members of the government ,All the ranks of the British forces were represented ,we sang along with some of the songs ,We admired the displays ,and we shed tears at some of the stories told ,we joined in the prayers held at the Drum Head service .No one watching could fail to be moved.
This morning ,after saying we might go off to the market ,We had turned on the TV ,and got caught up with the service of remembrance from The Cenotaph, held in Whitehall in London , again her Majesty and members of the Royal family were there and all laid wreaths ,as did members from all the services and the government ,There was of course the two minutes silence ,wreaths were laid from all over the Commonwealth ,until there was just a sea of poppy’s
After the First World War, it was decided that the poppy should be the emblem, and it was a Canadian John McRae, who wrote
In Flanders field the poppies grow,
Between the crosses row on row.
I tried to take some pictures from the TV screen ,most were not fit to be put onto here ,but one of Prince William ,just after he had placed his wreath ,was worth posting ,What a wonderful young man ,
They shall not grow old ,as we that are left grow old ,age shall not weary them nor the years condem,at the going down of the sun ,and in the morning ,we will remember them ,
Have a blessed Sunday everyone ...love Jan xx

Saturday, 8 November 2008

The lost pictures !!

Thankyou Chris for todays lovely graphic ...
Now detemined not to let these pictures beat me , I put in some more today ,and I have to say I didnt take them for obvious reasons...The ones in the frames were taken by our President Ina ,and it was she who put them into the lovely frames , and e mailed them to me ,so no ,I cant take the credit for that !!The rest were taken by a friend with my camera ,and as she wasnt very familiar with the camera ,They could have been better ,but I am grateful for the ones she took ,she did say she didnt take a picture of all the outfits 'cos' some she didnt like !!! bless her hee hee OH! and no I didnt buy anything ,though many people did,A.I didnt take my cheque book ,and B. I can always buy from the shop when we go to St Ives ....wasnt I good ? This one is Shirley in her trousers and gilet

Helen in a similar out fit

Betty here is showing off a little jumper under her suit

Helen again ,chose all warm clothes, wise girl and looked so lovely in all her outfits

This is one I deleted by mistake the other day !

Shirley ready for bed ,

Shirley Betty and me! night night hee he
Enjoy your week end every one with love from

Thursday, 6 November 2008

When I grow up I want to be a model !!!!

I have spent all morning putting this entry together ,first it posted itself and I had to find out how to delete it and start again ,well here goes ,....and I had planned to put the pictures from our craft display at the tenants conference .that I went to on Saturday ,maybe that would be too ambitious so I will just show you the pictures from the fashion show ,that 'Edinburgh Wool Shop'in St Ives put on for our over sixties group ,and as I told you eaqrlier I had been invited to be a model !!!,four ladies went last week to select outfits to be worn... a selection of which I have put on here for you to see ,what I wore yesterday , I will do an entry about the Tenants conference another day .
The first out fit is for golf , black trousers a cream polo neck sweater and a little pullover ,in navy and pink ..

Grey trousers and little blue Jacket
Slipping off the jacket a navy jumper worn with the grey trousers

A nice evening outfit consisting of black trousers ,a black lace camisole top and a pretty cerise cardigan hembroidery detail

And a turquoise plaid skirt ,with watching jumper and little boucle jacket ,that you can see I am having trouble with because it caught on the matching bracelet I was wearing .
And for the finally there was a picture of us all in our night wear but I seem to have deleted it ,I will show you on another entry I cant go through all that again lol .So thats what I did yersterday ,Tomorrow I am off to a forum meeting ,so I will have more to tell you next time ,

As ever lots of love from

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Another busy week ....

Sunday morning, Maurice has gone back to work today, it does feel strange. He was off for two weeks before his operation, so has been here for two months, Ah well I suppose I will be able to get back into some sort of routine again! Though thinking about it, I don’t do routines well! Since I last posted I have been busy ,Last Monday Maurice and I went to St Ives ,there is a lovely Market there as I have said before ,A great haberdashery stall ,where I buy buttons and other craft accessories .Then on Tuesday I went again to St Ives this time with the ladies from our over sixties group ,We went to the’ Edinburgh wool shop’ to select outfits to be worn at a fashion show they do for our group ,with members as models ! So watch this space.
On Thursday , Maurice went to see a couple of his friends who where fishing at Godmanchester ,so he dropped me off in Huntingdon ,where I did some shopping A book (of course)Patricia Cornwell’s ‘At Risk’ . And some much needed cosmetics, I had nearly run out of blusher and I got a couple of eyeshadows from Boots, buy two get third free and a colour for my hair and some tights! ,and then my Boots points, I do love a bargain ,I guess we all do .Thursday late afternoon we went to Peterborough ,to see my Son Mark and his wife Chrissie, they have moved house so we had to go and check it out!
On Friday, when Maurice went to get his hair cut I put my colour on my hair and cut it .and started to get my stuff ready for the Tenants conference .My Daughter Kate and Grandson Sam have been down to Dorset To visit my son Derek and his wife Tricia and the three boys , whist the children were on half term ,so after Derek had dropped them off at Kate’s he popped over to see us .So as you see it has been a busy week ,then yesterday Saturday I was up early and off we went to Peterborough for the Annual Tenants conference ,but I think I will leave that for another entry ,
We went to see Mark and Chrissie and of course Blue

Floyd was pleased to see us too ...

Mark and Maurice

Isnt he gorgeous ? ..

I hate these ..taken by surprise pictures dont you ?

Paul (my Grandson and his girlfriend )Tamara came over with Derek .see who else got in the picture !
Have Blessed Sunday Everyone .....with love from ...