Wednesday, 18 June 2008

"Party in the Park "

Good morning everyone, though it could well be afternoon by the time I post this

Do you remember I told you a couple of months ago ,  another one of my late husbands brothers had died ,so we all went of to Warwick for his funeral ,and as ever when we all get together ,we said , we only ever get together for sad occasions ,  we should have a gathering when as many of us as possible can meet up .Well weather permitting ,it is going to happen ,On Sunday as many as can will meet up in a local parkland ,starting at 11 am ,and going on until whenever !Some are going to camp ,some are coming in caravans ,we will drive over for the day and many others will do the same ,


Here you can see a picture of my late husband’s family all together taken in the late 50’s , there were seven boys (yes we were seven brides for seven brothers )and three girls ,but sadly four of the brothers are no longer with us ,and Eileen and her Husband Gerald emigrated to Canada with their daughter Sheila  ,shortly after the picture was taken ,So those of us that are left are coming with our spouses ,children ,grandchildren and in some cases great grandchildren , casts of thousands ! Every one is bringing a picnic, and I must make sure my batteries are charged formy camera,


Here is a picture of our Kate and her Aunty Dot (my lovely sis in law )

You will guess lots of preparation has been going on via emails text messages and phone calls, with us all getting more and more excited ,My Daughter Kate and sister in law Dot’s daughter Julie ,have  been the main organisers ,Julie rang Kate one day saying” have you seen the advert for Waitrose “? There are lots of people picnicking, and they have a wonderful blanket for them all to sit on! “And so my Kate always up for a challenge promptly emails Waitrose, and asks if it could be bought or borrowed, and the following is the email, she received back from them! 

Dear Mrs R,

Thank you for your e-mail.

Following the filming of the ad in Durban, South Africa, the blanket was donated to the Waitrose Foundation, a project dedicated to improving the lives of South African Farm Workers who grow and pick fruit for the supermarket. Farm workers at Westfalia Farm, an avocado growing farm in the Limpopo Province, will turn the blanket into over 400 individual quilts with workers being paid for each quilt they make. The quilts will then be donated to crèches across Waitrose Foundation farms and distributed to the workers of the Foundation farms for use in their homes.


Chris Zawadski

Waitrose Customer Service.

and if you care to click on the url below you can see the advert


 As ever lots of love   


Friday, 6 June 2008

Busy doing nothing, working the whole day long ....

Maurice starts work at six o clock in the morning so he leaves home early, and doesn’t usually wake me, but rings around nine am to say good morning, and check we are OK ,he asked what my plans were for today ? well I said hmm I might go shopping and spend lots of money ,or I might go back to bed with my book ,or I might do some washing cos I’ve run out of ironing ! Or I might do some sewing, I am making a patch work quillow as Marie Alice Joan once suggested and kindly sent me the instructions (a Quillow is a quilt which folds into a built in pocket to form a pillow) “Use me as a pillow, unless you get cold, then pull out my stuffing and gently unfold, I’m a lap quilt now with a place for your feet, and when your all done, fold me back nice and neat “,


I can’t take the dog out for a walk, as she is in an interesting condition, I will vacuum later, and I cleaned the cooker yesterday (as well as my halo!) I hate that job, who does? ….

         Mort, dear man awarded me with a caring friend award so I think while I am machining my patches together I will be thinking who among you, to pass on this award to, and that is hard because you are all so caring ,and so instead of just talking about it I had better get on ,So as usual to you all love from

 Thankyou to Win for my siggy today .



Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Its Warm and sunny ....Sometimes I lie !

 Yet another wet day, here in East Anglia, and even a flood warning for the area, the people who were flooded last year must be living in dread of it happening again. We are lucky where I live I can only imagine it is because of the way the Fens are drained, and can be more  easily controlled by all the different drainage systems.

We finally went to the Garden centre in Huntingdon the other week, Freda, you told me about it very early on when discovered we lived quite near each other, (when Maurice was off) Maurice is planning to do some more things in the garden so the first time we went it was a reccy to see what was available, and prices etc, Well we were pleasantly surprised at the amount of things they stock, what a selection, I bought an African violet and a dog kennel! And the second visit resulted in, spending lots of money, and more still to be spent, I will of course show you the end product when it is done, but that wont be for a while yet!

And what a great craft section they have, well you can imagine I will want to back again and again …..

As I said we bought a kennel for Kizzie and though she helped to build it, she has no intention of using it, mind with the weather as it is at the moment I can’t say I blame her !

Iain is home again getting used to his land legs, I haven’t seen him yet but we have been speaking on the phone, And Sharon went down by train to watch his ship come in, what a thrill !I wish I had gone with her now ….

Hey! …. I think it has stopped raining so I am going to dash to the shops, so have a good day everyone with love

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