Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Did the Earth move for you ?

Quake more powerful than 2007 Manchester tremors I pinched this from the welcome page !

Good morning and it is too, lovely bright sun shine, a bit brisk and breezy, would be a good wash day. Because Maurice has been off work, we have got into the habit of staying up late watching TV and last night was no exception .We finally retired about 12.30 .Maurice went straight to sleep ,I cant do that and often read for ages ,I was  engrossed  in my book, When  just before 1- o- clock ,a sensation of sound perhaps a dull whoosh ,and then  the bed juddered from side to side ,I leaned towards Maurice ! But he’d gone, he shot out of bed and snatched open the curtains, but by this time there was nothing to see, he did a tour of the bungalow, spoke to Kizzie who was looking bewildered, then I did a tour ! We decided it had been an Earth quake .We awake this morning to the news that, that indeed was the case 5.2 on the Richter scale and the strongest for 25 years, the epicentre was in Market Rasen in Lincolnshire, though it was felt right through England and Scotland …….so there you go I just wanted to put that on record, Have a good day everyone, with love from 





Monday, 25 February 2008

Birthday Pictures


More  and more time seems to pass between entry’s ,though I have to say I have had a very painful shoulder ,brought on, I suspect by to much time on here ,and Maurice was quite poorly ,But after a second visit to the Doctors and a stronger antibiotic ,he is much better now ,and we thank you all  for your good wishes. Proving yet again what a caring place our community here in JL and is.

Last Tuesday I went off in a taxi (the company pay) to our Residents news letter meeting, I had another piece accepted for publication, In the Christmas edition, we ran a colouring competion for the children, and the winner was a little fellow who lives near me, so as a member of the editorial team I was elected to present him with a certificate and his winning vouchers, an especially nice task as it was also my Birthday, on Wednesday.



I am so blessed I received some lovely cards and presents, My Daughter Kate gave me a super book,’’The Granny’s Book ‘’, with some great bits I can share with you another time ,a lovely bracelet(she knows I like my bling  and some money ,I had lovely flowers from Maurice ,with a rain cheque on a pressie ! when we are out and about again ,Jean gave me a book token and a couple of books a new beaker for Pisces  people full of choccies ,oh and a cd ,gosh I did so well.








On Saturday Maurice came shopping with me  ,and Lavender Blue have a lovely Spring/Mothers day display in their window I have taken some pictures ,Yesterday we went to the Sunday Market where I found two books I had been looking for ,we also bought some veggies  ,So there we are that’s me up to date again I hope you all have a good week ,With love



Saturday, 16 February 2008

Time to confess !!!

Ok ! time to confess ...The Banjo as you can now see... is a model ....didnt any one wonder ? hee heee (wicked giggle )

A lovely sunny day here ,now the frost has cleared,Maurice rang from work ,in pain ,I made him an apointment at the emergency doctor,he has a kidney infection, he is home now ,So after making him comfortable with painkillers ,a hot water bottle and tea ,I put two loads of washing out , I then  set off with my trolley for my shopping and Maurices script for antibiotics

I do hope I am forgiven for teasing you about the banjo? Maurice does have three (real )guitars  and a bodrhan and yes he does play them ,and has a lovely singing voice especially the lovely old Irish songs many of which he learned as a child from his Mum and other family members

The Bodhran is the traditional Irish Drum. Made from a round wooden frame, with an animal skin( quite often goat skin) stretched over it. The bodhrán (pronounced bow-rahn) is the heartbeat of Irish traditional music, and is a hugely popular. Capable of surprisingly complicated rhythms, when played well it can really lift the music. You don’t need to be able to read music to play; get yourself a Bodhrán and you will soon be able to join in with the music.

You play the drum with a tipper ,threaded through the fingers, and by rotating the wrist.

I hope you are all having a restful Saturday keep warm everyone  with love from ....

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Saturday, 9 February 2008

Here it is Saturday again !

Here we are Saturday again, the sun is shining, a lovely day here, one could almost say a spring morning? But perhaps a bit early so we won’t tempt fate, although it will help the winter along, not quite warm enough to have the door open, as in Donna’s lovely graphic above, much as Kizzie would like me too!

I spoke with Jeannette, (she who travels!)last week ,she tells me she is as busy as ever ,at work ,Andy is getting better ,but gets tired very quickly ,not surprising when you consider how poorly he was ,they are beginning to  get excited about their next holiday ,which is now about a month away ,We haven’t heard from her because she is having computer problems ,and obviously because she works long hours ,not enough time to sort it out though she tells me she has tried sometimes into the wee small hours …to no avail ,I hope she can sort it out soon we miss her .

As we do dear Ally ,who recently had a nasty fall ,I was delighted to receive a phone call from her ,yesterday she has really hurt her right hand and cant type though she can manage the mouse ,so she is going to attempt to put Ally and a kiss in  the comments ,she wants me to tell you she is still reading all her alerts she has bruises and is in a lot of pain but her and her Daughter Lyn are popping their pills together ,Ally hopes she will be soon better enough ,to drive ,when Lyn has to go to hospital next month  ,she tells me the offending slippers she was wearing have now been binned  she sends everyone her love, Get well soon, Ally we miss you.

I have had a busy week, we went to see Aunty Kitty, who was very bright and happy ,which was nice, I finished Knitting the chicks for Jackie ,and took some more pictures,( plus reflections) of the valentine window at Lavender Blue .

My Daughter Sharon ,and partner Ian and of course Charlotte , went on line this week ,so Sharon tells me she spent her two days off, reading my journals right back to the beginning !!....Well I think that is all my news this time so I will close as always with my love and


Another lovely siggy by Chris ..CABS creations ,thankyou Chris ...

Friday, 1 February 2008

And the winners are ....


I know I posted yesterday, but hey! Entries from me are like buses, you wait for ages for one to come along, then two come togetherThe reason for this post is because…. just as I was about to go to bed last night  an alert came through, from Jeannette’s Jottings, Val ,had awarded Jeannette, with a ‘’Nice Matters’’ award ,as I was reading and composing my comment to Jeannette (in my mind ),to tell her how she so deserved the award ,for all the reasons Val stated and more ,when I started my journal she became my mentor ,helping me out on numerous occasions ,she has indeed become a friend to myself and many others including my sister Jean .

I read on, only to read she had passed on this award to me ,I felt so proud and grateful thank you Jeannette ,………and then …….and then I am challenged to choose some favourites of mine to award ,a ‘’Nice Matters’’ award to ,so here’s the tricky bit, who shall I choose  ?just who shall I choose ,? There are so many of you dear friends ,hey Jeannette this is hard ,but as you said if the people we choose, choose their own then we could all end up with this award in our side bar ,SO  here goes  in no particular order ….

Joan, dear Joan started her journal, just before me, she lives quite near, as the crow flies, but since we aren’t crows! She has just had a new baby Granddaughter, Joan and I met when her daughter got married, just briefly for a quick hug before Joan had to go into the Wedding service…..

Another dear Joan, who has been journaling for pretty much the same time, lives in Scotland and is a keen bird watcher, Joan is also an avid reader, and we find we share the same taste in books, and often email each other …..

Barry ,is a Postman ,but has recently been off sick ,his knees  have been giving him problems ,all that walking delivering letters ,and running away from dogs ? Barry always makes me laugh, though has been known to make me cry to, Oh and Barry likes hats!....    

It is always a joy to read Sybil’s journal, she tells of activities in her community, and her holidays with her friend Mary, Sybil wrote to me when I was featured on the welcome page, and we have been friends since…..

I love Angie’s journal ,she has a great sense of humour ,she keeps me amused with stories of her Grannies ,of her bath room renovation ,and many more things ,Angie also likes to read ,

This Lady is a Scot living in the Lake district, Jeanie takes such lovely pictures of her walks around her area, and between her pictures and her words you feel as though, you have been there with her ,she has become friends with my daughter Kate ,through email because of Kate’s love of the area Jeanie lives in …..

And bringing my selection to a close ,last but, as they say most certainly not least ,My Dear friend Kath ,what an amazing feat to write all her journals in rhyme Kath is great fun ,and has been such a support to me when I was ill, she calls herself Mother hen ,and is a right ‘good egg ‘


Of course I could have chosen lots more Connie and Jeanette's travels are private ,and now I think about there are many more but Jeannette tells me we are allowed seven ,I hope you enjoy reading the ones I have suggested bless you all my dear friends ,and dont forget to pick up your awrds to put into your side bar


       The pink one for the ladies and the dog in the hat for Barry   so there we are have a great week end with love from   

 Jan xx