Thursday, 31 January 2008

Last day of January

Such an awful day today, Thankyou to Chris for cheering me up with this lovely graphic .....

It’s a wild and windy day here in my little corner of East Anglia, except that we aren’t in a corner….. in the Fens it is wide open so the winds are coming straight over from the North Sea, with very little to stop it, it isn’t fit to put a brush out today, fortunately I have no need to venture out so, I aint gonna!!The rain is lashing down, a couple of garden chairs have been blown over, and the garden swing cover, is in danger of taking off, Maurice rang a little while ago, he said it was very rough driving into work this morning, the wind blowing him all over the place he drives a 4x4, so how it would be in a car I don’t know. or indeed a high sided vehicle....

I had a lovely day last Friday ,when my daughter in law Chrissie drove her friend Dawn ,my daughter Kate and Ito Huntingdon , I bought a couple of books (of course )paper for the printer , some yellow wool and some orange felt amongst other bits and pieces ,My sister in law Jackie belongs to ‘The Catholic ladies group ‘,and they fund raise to buy houses for women and children thus rescuing them from the sex trade, so we are knitting chicks  ,well covers for the Cadbury cream eggs .to see on the stall at the Easter Fayre I have made about a dozen so far ,I will take a picture when I have done the eyes and beaks ….





Kizzie had a nice Birthday, and thanks you all for your Birthday wishes, she had lots of presents, most of which she has eaten, including two new squeaky toys, she looks the business in her new Bandana Chrissie bought her, and loves the fluffy monkey from Kate.



Maurice and I spent a nice day on Monday in St Ives, I bought some pyjamas trousers, I love these you can wear them with tee shirts, vest tops or even night shirts, and of course some more books ,Oh and Maurice bought a Banjo  or is it a uke ? never know the difference lol


And then I went to a news letter meeting on Tuesday, where a couple of items I had submitted were chosen, Chrissie brought me home and we stopped to take the pictures of the little church on the corner of a lonely Fen road to take pictures of the snow drops ….





  So here I am again ,nearly another week gone by since my last posting ,still far to many alerts to catch up on ,and of course the never ending pile of ironing, so I had better stop now and go and attend to some of that ever lots of love   Jan xxxx                                                                                                                           




Thursday, 24 January 2008

January 25 th on the 24 th

Debbie my friend ,made this tag,when we first welcomed Miz Kiz to our home .

 I am calling this entry,January 25th ,because tomorrow ,I will be spending the day with my daughter Kate ,daughter in law Chrissie and Chrissie's friend Dawn.So doubt if I will have time tomorrow

Tomorrow also ,the day our friends North of the border ,in Scotland celebrate ,the birth of the Bard, Robbie Burns ,he was a poet  and writer , he wrote Auld Lang Synne ,which we all sing at New Year ,Hogmonay ,he wrote an amusing little poem Ode to a Mouse ,Wee sleekit timerous beastie ....and aw that ,but my favourite ,has to be  ,set to music is a world favourite love song

Oh  My Love is like a Red Rd Rose.......









Tomorrow would have been my dear Mum's Birthday 


It is now eighteen years since she died,but oh I miss her still ,such a gentle soul ,and as a child had lived quite a hard life ,which I told in my journal a couple of years ago  ,but she taught us so much ,respect, manners and all the good old fashioned values ,many of which I have tried to pass on to my own children ,and endeavor to live by many of them today ,Yes I miss you Mum .

Let me see ,what else is there about tomorrow ,oh yes I know ....Yay its Kizzie's Birthday




Look at that dear little Puppy,this was taken last March ,when she joined Maurice and I and took over our home ! What ever happened to the little black ears . 






Did I really fit into that bag ?


 A very Happy Birthday Kizzie,I hope we all spend many Happy years to gether .... What is it about girls and their handbags? she is resting her head on my black one now




 And to you all have a lovely day and as ever love from











Tuesday, 15 January 2008



Congratulations Freda ,Joan and Stuart ....

Freda and Joan's sons and their  wives have presented them with the precious gifts of Baby Girls  both these little girls have big brothers who will be delighted to have a sister  ,and yesterday Stuarts daughter Lesley and her husband ,turned Stuart and Jennifer into a very happy and proud Gran and Grandpa ,This little boy will be called Adam Daniel Steven,and weighed in  at 8lbs 8ozs,Jennifer and Stuart are first time Grandparents ,and those of us already blessed  know what a joy is in store for them .

Freda's little Grand daughter arrived on January 13th and is to be called Kiska Jane Freya  (I bet the Freya is for her dear Grandmother ) and isnt Kiska a pretty name ? They plan to call her Kizzie for short ! hmmm if she is as mischievous as another Kizzie I know, they better look out ,hee heee .

Alfies baby sister arrived yesterday January 14th she is to be called Leah Louise ,another pretty name and she weighed 7lb 4ozs .and a delighted Granny Joan ,posted some lovely pictures of the beautiful little girl on her entry yesterday

You can visit Freda, Joan and Stuart ,who you will find in my side bar ...please pop over and congratulate them ,A Grandchild is a most precious gift ,I know I have nine !

Here I am ,with eight of mine, at Stuarts wedding last year ,We couldnt find the eldest one Iain ,We tried all day to get them all together , the picture had to be taken without one in the end ,we all look a bit dishevelled it was nearly the end of a long happy day !The saddest thing ever... is that Mickmy late husband who would have been 69 yesterday never got to meet any of these wonderful children ,but I know like me, he would have been so proud of each and everyone of them ,and like me love them dearly .

Here is a picture of my sister Jean with her Grandchildren ,who are as precious to her as mine are to me ,

Oh, and as for the little dumpling in the pink crocheted dress playing with a bunch of skittles at the top of my entry,if she'd only known ........

As ever love from 




Sunday, 13 January 2008

Sunday again

Because Maurice’s week end! was Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, (he works six days, then three off so his weekends are staggered) At least he doesn’t work nights any more …. I am all behind again, so if I haven’t commented on your journal yet, I will! I don’t like to spend all my time on here when he is at home, he works twelve hour shifts so is tired, when he gets in, so our days together are precious Having said that I left him on Wednesday afternoon, when I went to my over sixties club, but I know he enjoyed the time by himself, we all need some ‘me’ time don’t we?.

I don’t know what happened to Thursday we planned to go to town but it didn’t happen, but Friday saw us in Peterborough, in the pouring rain, we did some shopping in Queens Gate (the shopping mall),then as you guessed my Marks and Spencer’s vouchers were burning a hole in my purse ,I bought a top to go with the skirt Maurice bought me for Christmas ,and a super jacket ,with a detachable fur collar ,lovely for just now and still useful in the spring ,

We then went to see Aunty Kitty, when we got there she was just sitting in her chair dozing, I held her hand and was told to “stop that”! Maurice didn’t fare any better than I, it is so sad, for such a clever lady to end her days thus ….Old age can be so cruel.

After leaving Aunty Kitty we went to see Kate, who is recovering from this awful cold that struck us all, she approved my purchases from M&S ….







  Yesterday I went to our town and saw that Lavender Blue had lots of sale goodies in the window, but didn’t take a pic at the mans request,

Today I am playing catch up, alerts , washing, should be ironing, but you know how I feel about that, am going to make a trifle for Pudding tonight to eat after our Sunday dinner ,My son Mark and his wife Chrissie will be here soon ,

And then this evening,at7.40 pm on BBC1 I am looking forward to watching ‘Lark rise to Candleford’ a new ten part memoir chronicling life in 19th century Oxfordshire, by FloraThompson, When I was working I was lent the book to read by a very dear resident, who shared my love of books, and we spent many happy times chatting about what we had been reading, I rang her yesterday to tell her it is on so Ruby is looking forward to watching it too I wish you all  Blessed Sunday with love ….


Sunday, 6 January 2008

Twelfth Night

Today Sunday, Epiphany and of course Twelfth night, have you all taken down your Christmas decorations? I took most of mine down yesterday ,but just left one item to put away today ,So yet another Christmas is over ,at the risk of sounding a bore ,I’m not sorry ,all that present buying ,what to get everyone ? Will they like it? Then the wrapping, then all the Christmas cards Oh you know? And that’s not to mention the food, and then when you have barely recovered, comes New Year! and more jollifications ,does this all sound like ‘Bah Humbug’, its not meant to ,Of course I enjoyed everything ,mostly seeing all my lovely family ,and they all bought me some amazing presents as well as £85 worth M&S vouchers ,haven’t spent any yet  ,I am so blessed and I know it. So why I should experience some down days, I really don’t know, it’s the nature of the illness I suppose .and fortunately I managed to keep top side of it. So if you didn’t get a comment on your journal from me ,that was the reason ,and I’m so sorry I hate not acknowledging my friends especially those who visit me ,oh and for all of you who sent Maurice and I a Christmas card ,thank you so much ,Oh I must tell you ,one day just before Christmas, on a day when I was feeling down  a package came through the door ,a red envelope ,inside a polethene envelope ,the red envelope had split ,but fortunately ,the contents were safe ,inside was a really lovely scarf and a little metal book mark ,with the message ~Headed Friendship ,Don’t walk in front of me, I may not always follow….Don’t walk behind me I may not always lead…Just walk beside me and be my Friend ….you have no idea how much that meant to me ,thank you so much dear Pam ,this is something I will always treasure ,proving yet again what fantastic friendships are made here in J Land .Amongst my many lovely presents from Maurice he bought me a microphone for the computer ,he bought me a web cam a couple of years ago ,but I wasn’t keen on using it ,I mean you don’t always want your public ,to see you with a towel round your head after washing your hair ,or in your Jim jams ,or without  your make up on ,and hair done ,chuckle ,but with the mic I can chat away with out typing , we got one for my sister Jean too  ,so we can chat away to each other ,thus saving on phone calls !So if you feel inclined to IM me, I promise I wont be singing to you ,and so on that happy note I will finish ,have a blessed Sunday everyone ,with love as always

My siggy was made by my good friend Debbie ,she has now been in journal land a year ,and is successfully now running a great Psp group with Steph  ,Debbie is in my side bar .....

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Catching up ....a bit

As Donnas lovely graphic says ....A Very Happy New Year Everyone .

I am sorry I havent posted for simply ages ,the truth is I have had a few down days ,but I think many have experianced that ,It is a particularly emotive time of year ,dont you think ? I will attempt to catch up with the help of pictures ...

Here I am ,at the Christmas lunch, I went to with members of the residents forum ,Margaret and I have been friends for many years ...

I found another shop  window ,this one depicts ,Three French Hens ...

On Christmas Day ,because Maurice was working I went to my son Mark and his wife Chrissie ....

And of course their dog Blue who is so gentle ,(as there wasnt many folks around Maurice took Kizzie work with him )

Here is a picture of my sister Jean wearing the jumper and beads we got for her ....

and Kizzie opened her own presents ...

Then on Boxing day Charlotte (my Grandaughter ) came to stay ..

And I  couldnt get onto  the computer ! .......

Kizzie enjoyed Charlottes company .....

Last night ,Maurice and I went to a party with members of our Family ,to celebrate the New Year ...

Jean and I with Maisy ,Jeans Grand daughter....

And with Gary,my nephew and Maisys Daddy ....

As you can see we had a lovely time ,Sorry I have been absent for so long ,New Years Resolution to get caught up ,Awonderful 2008 to you all ...with love from

Thanks to my Dear friend Debbie for my siggy