Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Foxy Lady

Good morning every one ,the sun is shining ,the birds are singing and the washing is blowing gently on the line... . .Maurice is back at work after three days off ,he's back to do three days ....Ishould have gone into the office for a 'news letter' meeting today,but because my back is aching,I rang Karen and explained ...I was forgiven ,because I sent her the account of the Energy and Effiency day I attended back in March ,the rest of the team will peruse it before it goes off to the printers .She wants me to do an item about me being blogger of the week on AOL UK,but I can do that the same way ...Idid it in word then filed it and then attached it to an email ,no big deal !well it is to me I cant believe how clever I'm getting ! I thought of the old quote 'Old soldiers never die,they simply fade away '....likewise ...'.Old Managers never die they open a journal '.....

Sweet little graphic ! look at the shadow! My signature today is appropriate.,sent to me by my dear chum Ally in Norfolk....When Maurice is on nights they often see Mrs Fox out looking for food for her young,on occasions they have seen Mr Fox too,and recently ,they have been delighted to catch sight of the three babies, though Mum keeps them a safe distance away,The Mum is becoming very tame ,The men share their packup with her ,One of Maurices colleagues,who had'nt seen them before asked ....wonder what they like to eat?Maurice ,told him ...Oh they love glacier mints !....foxes of course ...when the penny dropped he called Maurice a couple of words lol It was actually Maurices new colleague ,who took these pictures ,poor Maurice he's been trying for weeks ,watching out for them on the camera s at work ,but they managed to evade having their pictures taken ...Then Chris comes along and catches them first time ,Thanks Chris ,

I'm wondering if the new Ram will be delivered today ,if that is the case I shall have to keep it tethered ,until Glen can ,do whatever he has to do with it in the computer !.....Kate rang late yesterday morning to say they had arrived ,safely and though misty it was lovely and warm !...and I collected the wool from Huntingdon and got some ink,we had them refilled,not done it that way before its certainly cheaper ,will see how we get on with it .Well I guess thats all my news today ...So hoping you are all enjoying some sun shine,I will take my leave ...With Love

                                           See what Imean Thankyou Ally  xx                                                                                

Tuesday, 30 May 2006

What we did yesterday

Good morning ,and so far it is fingers crossed,yesterday it rained and rained then rained some more !.We did brave the elemements and went to St Ives,as you can see I wore my hat and was pleased I did ,it kept me dry...As you can see I posted some pics ,of the family on Sunday ,just casual ones as we sat round the table chatting ,I missed Mathew ,dont know what he was doing ?  I should imagine they are there now ! ...And Jean and Pete are back ,Jean rang me yesterday to say what a great time they had ....We enjoyed the drive to St Ives(where we met a man with seven wives the seven wives had seven cats....How many were going to St Ives ?)Remember that one ? Though I dont think the tale was refering to our St Ives in Cambs ,more the one in Cornwall I think .We arrived found somewhere to park outside a shop selling Electric and gas fires and surrounds Maurice was delighted to compare the prices,with what ours had cost to make .There were loads of stalls as it is usual on a bankholiday,but due to yet another downpour many were covered over ,but you know me ,not to be detered I managed to find a skirt I liked and a Margarite tree sorry about the spelling ,you know a daisy tree !,she looks lovely in the tub my Brother John made us at Christmas and I will of course take a picture later.Maurice bought a couple of cv's by Irish singers.We are hoping to go into Huntingdon today ,I need some more ink ,for the printer and a few weeks ago when we went I bought some wool, was making a cardigan only to find I was about two 50grm balls short, so the last time we went, armed with a ball band and length of the wool (well its more like ribbon really)Iwas disapointed to find they had run out the assistant went to look out the back ,and as she came back empty handed she told me not to despair ,she took my phone number and rang the next day to say she had located some in Birmingham ,then a couple more days to say it was now in the shop,what a lovely experiance of good customer service I had to share it with you,In my experiance if you enquire about an item you would like but it isnt there ,the reply is "If its not on the shelf/rack ,we havent got it ".....Well I'd better stop nattering and get ready to go ..Hope you all have a lovely day ...

 Bye Bye with love Jan xx

Monday, 29 May 2006

Bank holiday Monday

Good morning everyone ,When I got up an hour and a half ago it was really nice the sun was shining ...the birds singing ,now it has clouded over I do hope that doesnt mean we are going to have more rain.......Donna made this lovely graphic ,the only thing is where is Donna?I havent heard from her for a few days ,has anyone else ? Maybe the beautiful gypsy lady could look into her crystal ball and find her for me.I hope you are well Donna ...........Busy day yesterday Mark and his wife Chrissy came over to see us,after they had gone we went to Peterborough to say goodbye to Kate and Martin ,Mat and Sam,before they go on holiday Stuart(my other daughters  son) and his fiance' Vicki,came around Stuart and Vicki are also going on holiday,with Kate and Martin ,Stuart gave me two lovely bunches of carnations.He is such a thoughtful boy/man ,and will be twentyone in June...."Now you've done it Stu ",says Martin you'll be on the journal now....of course they are all excited to be flying off to Spain and some sunshine early Tuesday morning ,Maurice had bought a rucksack for Mat and Sam which have a seat attached very neat idea,they were delighted ,can be used for fishing too . When we left Kates we called round to see Mike, Maurices brother and his wife Jackie,who made us very welcome ,and we caught up on all the family news ...........We watched the Triangle ,last night with Sam Neil I'm afraid I fell asleep near the end ,but since we'd taped it can catch up later ....The plan today ,if it stays fine is to go to Dyers garden centre and have another look at the water features then ,again only if its fine to go on to St Ives(Cambs) market...they have a huge one right through the town ,that is held every bank holiday.......The sun is still not very bright in fact its quite dull ,but no rain! so fingers crossed I hope every one has

    a good bank holiday Monday .... PS its  spitting with rain !!

Sunday, 28 May 2006

After the Lord mayors show !!!

Hugs to everyone for making yesterday so special....I couldnt believe the responce...I had comments ,not just on yesterdays entry but on ones going back...I had emails,the printer was begging for mercy ,its never worked so hard ....I got so many IMs..of course if I didnt know who from I didnt accept ...but will always answer an email ,or welcome a comment...yes I even got a couple of negative ones,which made me laugh at the content if only they knew !....As I said I (perfect timing Jan) had gremlins ..couldnt post graphics ...the ones I had on earlier entrys disapeared...I refused to be fazed (you dont believe me do you lol)..Glen next door, had read my entry ..came round in the evening saying Iam not going till this computer is right ...and he didnt, he was here three hours ,he ordered some more rams on site?...(isnt a ram a man sheep?and Maurice has cut the grass!) he did some thing with the hard drive apparently every thing was on C,which was little and not alot on E,which was bigger ,am I making sense?apparently the C is like a little shed with everything crammed in, I cant tell whats in there ,and the E is like a warehouse,with not very much,so he sorted that all out,He is such a lovely young fellow,nineteen handsome and clever ...and whats more he is patient,he looks at me sometimes when I ask a question as if to say ....well I dont like to imagine,but he does understand my addiction with my computer and my journal ...and everyone should have a Glyn liveing next door,I realise how lucky I am ,I know I'm embarrasing you but I cant help it ....Thanks mate.....Maurice is in bed after working his third night ,so we are going out later,Hopefully to see Kate and Martin and the boys who go on holiday early Tuesday morning,.....Jean and Pete will be back from Ireland tonight ....If you care to click on to chat and community I'm still there then, click your voice Jean ! ....I know we all see our picture on our side bar,but its a strange feeling seeing it on that page ,even weirder when it was along side George Gallagher lol.......So as ever,with love and I hope you all have a happy bank holiday and a Blessed Sunday

Thankyou Angel for the lovely graphic today xxxx

Saturday, 27 May 2006

For My American Freinds


God Bless America

       Hi to all my American freinds...I understand if you click on to this URL you will be able to see  the  UK  Welcome page...if it doesnt work...let me know and I will send the screen print ....I hope you are all having a good Memorial day .....With Love Jan xx

Thank you

To all my lovely friends ,and you all know who you are THANKYOU .and to all my new friends WELCOME,and that includes you Fran ,we have become buddies already,I have had so many lovely comments this morning I am quite overwhelmed.....In fact my whelm is so far over ,I dont know if I'll ever get it back where it belongs.I got a couple of negative comments I have left them on for your amusement ,My Pc is doing strange things today ,I'm sure its me AOLChat&Community ,didnt choose the most technicaly minded person to feature ,in fact I am complete technophobe,Completly at the mercy of any help I can get ,and believe you me since I joined this community,I've had it in spades ,since I started my blog last September ,I cant believe the kindness/friendliness I have encountered ,both in the UK and in the US as my dear friend Ally in Norfolk UK  said the other day ,we have learned so much about the American way of life and discovered we arent so different ,and have many true friends now over there .


Today our friend Joan over at StrannyDaze is celebrating her Birthday,I cant put the old B/day cake on here Joan told you I have the gremlins ,but like everyone else send my love for a happy Birthday my friend xx

I have to say thankyou to my friend Jeannette (travels )who has been cheering me on when my little green arrows grow dim ,then go to  yellow....and thank her for the first picture on my journal today.Mwah!

Thanks also to Jeannette (Jottings )for giving me the first big shove ,come on in the waters lovely,And Sandra for your emails on a similar vein,and breaking the news about today ....and dear Jules for putting me forward

To my friends across the pond I dont know if you get the same welcome page as us ,but when I get rid of afore mentioned gremlins I will post the pic of that page.....

And to my friends here in the UK are you having a good bank holiday ?...its raining ! I shall soon have to go and do the goes on you know !...then come back and hold the nails and make the tea while Maurice does some more work on the Ark ! I'd love to name you all for the help you have given me so willingly over the last nine months..but as I said you know who you are,and for each one of you who visit my journal and leave nice comments,and allow me to read yours ....Thankyou...and knowing you alllllll I am truly Blessed ...With Love Jan xx 

Friday, 26 May 2006

Getting nervous now!

                                                             Good morning, everyone I hope as Donnas graphic suggests you have all had a peaceful night...and not been kept awake by the heavy rain! Maurice who is now in bed, worked last night ,and informed me it has rained all night long .... 

A thought occurs to me ....maybe we should consider building an ark ! I'm sure Maurice has some off cuts of wood from the various projects he has undertaken ...I know there is some of the laminate left ! now wouldnt that make a smart deck?and easy to swab down ! 


It is Pete's birthday today,, Pete is Jean,...  my sisters husband,but they wont read this today because they have flown over to Ireland for a long weekend and a look around Dublin.....Happy Birthday Pete ,and the top of the mornin to ya both ! I shall soon have to buy some new candles for this cake !! 


So what exciting things have you all got planned for the weekend?....Maurice will work tonight and tomorrow night and will then be off Sunday ,Monday an Tuesday,we will be going over to see Kate and family because they are jetting off to Spain for their holidays.I am hoping the warm sunshine will do, for Kates back what the current English climate isnt doing ,,,,,,We will probably visit Aunty Kitty in her nursing home too ,

But its tomorrow Im looking forward to, not without some aprehension....As aparently I am to be featured on the welcome page,as by now you are all heartily sick of hearing! I havent heard anymore from them since the first email inviting me to talk about the web and my Grandchildren ,I've done that ,and do hope it was what they wanted ...I dont even know if our friends in America will see it ..... as the email came from chat and community UK ..but when John came the other day he showed me how to print what is on the screen ,so I will try to do that !....and now because the sun is coming out! and I have few plants to put into the garden......I will love and leave you! and wait to see what tomorrow brings   Oo-er?! To all my friends who are all ways there for me .

As always lots of Love from ...                        Jan  xxxxx

Thursday, 25 May 2006

No alert

Hi ,Ihave done an entry today ,and no alert has gone out for it ....Lots of Love Jan xx

My Grandchildren


AOL,Chat and community.          When they asked could they feature my journal,for the silver surfers week ,suggested I do postings on how the web has enriched my life ,and what it means to be a Grandmother ,I think I covered the web bit ,the other day when I posted ...'On line not a fish '..Two very different subjects,both dear to my heart in different ways ,I have made so many new friends since I became tangled in the web,good friends its a strange relation ship,as I'm sure you will all agree,we learn so much about each others lives and thoughts, on so many different subjects ,and it may be a cliche' by now ,but people really are willing to help each other ,no strings attached in this community ,and like the other sort of web,once caught up in it, difficult to escape ! The other week when I was having problems with my computer my home sparkled, but my heart was heavy ,I just felt so out of touch ....I know ! !  Hands up those of you who know what I mean !

Now being,a Grandmother is equally rewarding,except that I am Granny Jan to my lot ,and there are alot,especially as my honoury 'on line Grandson'Leigh aka Edward Soapy pointed out at Christmas it can prove expensive ! I could be Gran to my computer guru ,who lives next door Glyn and  who is always willing to help me out when I'm stuck,even the fellow in the corner shop near where my two daughters live calls me Gran !

I have been a Gran now for twenty three years ,since my eldest Daughter Sharon delighted me with the birth of Iain Michael,he was born just three months after the death of his Grandfather making him extra special,sorry no picture of him today ,I featured him on his Birthday ,in April ,then Stuart now engaged to Vickie ,then Paul who I also couldnt find a picture for,but you have seen him before here with Becca and Baby Keira,who Becca was expecting when she met Paul ,but now Keira is very firmly ours ,(Great Grandmother !Oo er)then to complete Sharons family is Charlotte ,the one and only Grandaughter ! My son Derek in Dorset has three sons Mickie,Edward and Christopher,then last but certainly not least comes my Daughter Kates two boys Matt and Sam,both of whom you have met on my journal ,these are all very special people ,who I love so much ,in fact I think I like them so much I wish I'd had them first lol......

We have done so many exciting things together,who took Iain out on his sledge when his Mum was too pregnant to do so ?'My Granny '...who taught Stuart to cook biscuits and toffee? 'My Granny'...who taught Paul to ride a bike ?My Granny..Who collects Einid Blyton books for Charlotte ,yes its her Gran...And when Kate was working before she had Sam ,I looked after Matthew ,oh the fun we had,we would stand frozen on the bridge watching the trains coming and going to London ,'just one more Gran 'each time I suggested we go now,and Sam he loves his Gran nearly as much as he loves Maurice ,who takes him fishing ,hes the one who scrubs the kiss off his face with the back of his hand ! What a character he is !

And then, the boys down in Dorset Mick Ed and Chris ,although we dont see them as often ,are still special,we email IM and phone each other and when we do get together it is extra special ,the E disk on my computer is named Edward so he is responsible for many of my files !

Now look again at the lovely graphic ,made for me by dear Donna,Can you visulise Granny Jan ,giving each one of these lovely children at one time or another a ride on that five bar gate ,and hear the hoots of laughter ,what better sound in the whole world ,the sound of happy Grandchildren,who it is  my privilege to know ......Love always


Thankyou Donna xx

Wednesday, 24 May 2006

A wireless alert or none at all!

Hi every one,no alert ,But I have posted,and it has gone wide too ,so I suggest you scroll to the bottom of the page and click on link to entry ,......Thanks AOL

          Jan xx


The mystery trip!

                                                                                       I joined the ladies and gentlemen, last Wednesday, when we all set off on our mystery trip, I sat on the back seat with my friends Shirley and May, Our tour guide for the day was Ernie, who introduced us to Gary, who we were instructed not to call driver! We went through a few villages, and then turned of, and through to St Ives in Cambridgeshire, Of course we were all speculating about where we were going! ” I think we’re gooing to Duxford said Shirley!” We don’t wanna goo there, that’s for Blokes”… Over on your left is a village called Trumpington and in the church, there is the biggest collection of brasses in the country, Ernie pointed out the church tower at Duxford also way over in the distance, on we went past the Duxford turn off….phew! Then May announced,” bet we are gooin to Ely Caffedrul ! “Now I thought, oh great I would enjoy that, the only thing is, after the meeting where we had played Bingo and I had a little moan to you all, and told you I was to go on the mystery trip, Barry Oddbodkins had teased me in a comment saying we were to go to a mammoth Bingo session in darkest Ely!!! He’s going to have a field day with this I thought!…...But no! On we went down the A1 towards Cambridge and this was when the tour began, with Ernie pointing out Girton College tower way over to your left, originally built for Ladies… we turned of the A1,On to Saffron Waldon and our attention was drawn to over there on the right are the laboratories ,called Genome campus where DNA was discovered…on we went now through many charming old country villages, with Ernie pointing out the church spires, which were square ,with a smaller spire  at the top ,these are called Hereford towers ,and we saw a number of them .we went on, to see very old original houses, Ernie informed us there was very little clay or stone in the area ,so the houses were made of wood and a wattle and daub, and often the upper story over hung the lower. They were delightful many of which were pargeted (painted) we went through Great Chesterford an old Roman village, with some timber houses, one dating back to 1692…..Then on through to little Chesterford, where the oldest house there is said to date back to 1190!....We went past a pub called ‘The Cricketers’, which is run by the parents of Jamie Oliver (a celebrity TV chef) of course by now we were in Essex, on we went through the Deevon valley ,on to Debden, where is Dick Turpins cottage, and Gustolf Holst once lived and from where he wrote the planet suite, and so on to Finchingfield where we stopped of for an hour to eat a lovely cream tea, On our return home we went through many more picturesque villages including Steeple Bumstead birthplace of Nurse Edith Cavel ,(there is a hospital named after her in Peterborough),On to Haverhill where there is an old Roman road going to Colchester …we went through Newmarket and saw Tattershalls the big sale/auction place ,where many famous racing horses are bought and sold. Onto Exning, that was the main town until they had the Black Death and moved, to …Newmarket hence the name. On and on through many Fenland villages, and the some how beautiful, vast and often erry Fens, Coming to Erith where there was once a Vicar the Rev Sayers…he had a daughter Dorothy, and it was from here the book’ The Nine Tailors’ was written by Dorothy M Sayers!......During the rainiest period imaginable here, we were lucky to have brilliant sunshine all afternoon which all added to our enjoyment of a lovely afternoon…..there was so much more I could have shared with you but by now I’m sure I have gone over my limit and will get a wireless alert for sure ,I hope you enjoyed the account of our day out as much as we did ….with love from 

   With Thanks to Donna for my signiture and lovely graphic today         













Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Hi Every one ,just to let you know Freda has posted again ,Freda is in my side bar ,with love Jan xx


Well I guess the entry was too long !! isnt this just typical ! I'll do my own alert !

Hey folks I have posted from Jan xx

On Line... and its not a fish!


I thought I would make an early start today ,The desk is made up, as I am with it ! Maurice is still in bed and when he gets up he will want to put it in situe,so If I do the entry now we can ,do all the manoeuvreing after wards ....time management ! old habits die hard lol .It is now eight am ,so armed with a mug of coffee,Are we sitting comfortably then I'll begin  .....

I retired at the end of October 2004,and because I lived on site in the bungalow that went with the job,I not only retired ,we moved house too,two very traumatic things to happen !The Bungalow we live in now is lovely,and for the first few months I was happy playing house,you know how it is, we decorated right through ,I was sewing and making curtains and a padded bedhead,at the same time exploring my new neighbour hood ....we had moved to the heart of the Fens.....After a while I began to feel there was something missing in my life ....because of the nature of my job ,As a manager of a sheltered scheme for the elderly ,interacting with people,ie the residents and the various agencies ,I soon found myself quite isolated ,and I missed using my people skills...Maurice had hinted this might happen when I first started to think about retiring...He advised me to think carefully before I actually made my decision,though physically very tiring,he felt I still needed mental stimulation,he can be very wise !

I have to digress here ,a minute ~To become a scheme manager ,you are required to do a Housing practioners course along with a manager/wardens course.I enjoyed all this,The first term we were obliged to take some set pieces ,ie First aid and computer training ...well I will tell you now the IT I hated ! the classes were too big, I seemed to spend the whole period wating for help! The next term we were given a choice ,additional computer studies or another  medical course I chose the latter,and because of the nature of the condition ..I opted for Stoma care ,it proved to be a useful choice and the residents,who had, them valued being able to discuss with someone they knew ,in the privacy of thier own homes any problems they might have.   I completed the course,when the year was up gained all my certificates and some letters after my name !We, by this time had all been given computers at work and it was a necesary evil I did what I had to do...and that was it, I didnt particularly like it,but got on with it .Maurice by this time had bought us a commputer so I was brushing up my skills at home .

So back to retireing about,last April ,my sister Jean persuaded me to go on line I took up my contract with AOL,and voila,spent my time exploring the net emailing my friends and family ,and generally surfing ,until one day I hit the blogs button !!!!!........There was Jeannette and her jottings ,I began to read her journals, then other people in her side bar,and then I got really clever I started to comment on the various journals,and made friends Jeannette and Sandra and Jules Sara and Jo ,then Jeannette started to suggest I started my own journal ....What ! shock! horror! what ever would I write about ?especially after reading their journals the end after Maurice and my sister telling me I should,I took the plunge ,on September 1st last year ,I emailed Jeannette,saying "Ive only gone and done it " ! and I suppose the rest ,you could say is history! I've had alot of help along the way ...I admired Donna's graphic and told her so, but if I asked for one I wouldnt know what to do with it ! she promptly sent me back easy to understand instructions,and voila !Jeannette (travels)has also been a terefic suport,and Joan stranny daze and dear Ally ,,but if I list you all dear friends this entry will be far to long and I will get a wireless alert for sure ,that seems to happen ,if we do an, over long entry ,here in the UK ...So I think now its time to say ..have a lovely day my friends ,I hardly dare say it but the sun is shining here...another coffee ,then swap desks! and yes I will take a piccy for you lots of love from 


Graphics,again today by Donna ......thankyou so much dear        

Monday, 22 May 2006

Running Late !

Hi Folks ,Late entry..........Maurices friend came over this morning,Showing me lots of lovely skills....  that I  had no idea about , you could say it was a computer lesson,John gave the lesson wether his pupil managed to take it on board ,remains to be seen,Maurice was home in bed after working six nights ,and he got up before John left,they chatted for a while....after John left,we went into Huntingdon ,where we bought a new mouse because John  said ours was tired and didnt always click ,but guess what ,I have new desk as well !a lovely new Pine one that goes with the rest of our furniture...I am so excited its flat pack and its still in the car and the man who is to put it together has fallen asleep on the couch ! Ah well ,once I've done this entry I will make him a nice dinner and wake him up and then chat him up, to start assembling it.

Did you see on the welcome page AOL is running a silver surfers week ...and I'm sure you all know by now they, asked me if they could feature my journal,highly honoured to be asked ,I accepted .I have been ,between being  on cloud nine  and becoming a butterfly breeder (in my tum ),with all sorts of ideas,flitting in and out of my brain ...all excited to see what was happening ,I went on line this morning to find Joanna Lumleys picture ,then Jaquline Bisset and Honor Blackman ,and pause to swoon ......Sean Connery ,Jeremy Irons and Harrison Ford .Hey this gets better, I am in exallated company arent I ?We are all categorised,now as silver surfers .Well done ! AOL no one has ever found a category to fit me into before !

Now about all the ideas I have ....because I have been out today ,and am later than I would normally be doing an ,entry,I am going to start in ernest tomorrow ,thats another joy about getting older ,your decisions are always the right ones !if I put my ideas into practise tonight I wouldnt do it justice ,I told you all aboutwork a couple of weeks ago,in an entry entitled "Another day another Dollop" then the following day I told you about the party we had when I retired ,so tomorrow I will tell you how I felt ,when I retired and found AOL journals/blogs which saved my sanity !

Have a good evening every one ....With Love From Thankyou to Donna for my lovely graphics today ,Donna is in my side bar ,pay her journal a visit ,and hear about her life ,she likes Hockey, when shes not producing super graphics to enhance our journals/blogs  

Sunday, 21 May 2006

Rain Rain go away

I know ! it says April on the picture,but ,nothing works where the weather is concerned,in fact the weather men tell us there is a drought ....there isnt really you know ! they are telling us that to make us feel better about all this rain ,thank you for your good wishes, not to get wet yesterday, whilst out shopping ....I did ! very ! trouser bottoms were flapping soggy round my ankles ,I did all my shopping and called at the plant stall, on the way home and bought a tray of messab...messe...livingstone daisys .I love that little flower so cheerful and all the jewel colours really make me feel happy .

 Look what Sugar sent me....a baby Scooby,though I am ashamed to say there is no way he would sit there with those dear little Kittys,he hates cats and try as we might, we cant convince him otherwise, he was in kennels a year last Christmas,when we spent Christmas with my son ,we told the owner of the kennels 'he doesnt like cats','Oh we'll change that said he'!  ...Scooby still doesnt like cats !  

Did anyone see ,as well as Laura's journal ,Rachel (WrigleyRachel)was also featured yesterday ,with tips on how to lose weight ,its quite scary really we dont know who is reading our journals ,so we had better be on our best behavior and make sure we all have our clean pinnys on and a clean hanky too.And talking of big brother ! did you see any of it on it on T V  last night....WELL.....!  Just as a matter of interest its raining here !

I have put the butterfly on here because, I seem to be flitting from one subject to another here today ,who said that ...'nothing new there then' !! ....I heard you ,You'll be old one day lol .Actually its quite good fun as you get older you can get away with all sorts ,but I'm sorry ,Im not going to tell you about, it you will have to wait and see lol      ;>)...Anyway I hope you all have a happy blessed Sunday ,With Love....   Thank you Donna for the intro graphic and the sig....I know I know ,thats another sign of old age repeating yourself but I happen to believe these graphics are worth repeating.

Saturday, 20 May 2006

I must go down to the sea again.....

I must get on ....I must get on !      I have to admit, I put this graphic of Donnas on to the screen and then sat back and looked and looked at it ! it is suggesting all sorts of scenarios to me,Is the young lady waiting for someone ?has she got a secret and can only share it with the ocean ,The list is endless ,maybe you have your own ideas ,The colour and the texture of the dress remind me of one I wore many years ago,though that had a long straight skirt ,We went to a fancy dress dance ,and I went as 'Britiania' ah memories ! you see Donna your graphics do it to me every time !

O'er its started !..... I have just been to visit Laura,In Scotland a young Mum of five ,whose aim is to get fit on her bike ,I dont have to give you her link,she is on the AOL welcome page and I enjoyed her journal and have put her on my alerts and favourites,though have to say Laura ,you aint gonna get any freebies from Halfords ,lol even though I do agree with what you are saying ! 

 Well folks its Saturday again,and nearly time to take my trusty trolley for its weekly trundle up to the market and shops ,so I hope the weather manages to stay fine until I get back, drought or no drought, I have had enough of this cold wet weather now and want some sunshine as I know you all do ,Have a good weekend folks With Love From .....

With grateful Thanks to Donna for my intro graphic,and to Chris for my sig,where would we be without these talented Ladies to brighten up our entrys ?.... 

Friday, 19 May 2006

Confused ! who me ?

I guess its an age thing ! when I went to the over sixties club for the first time last month ,I was invited to go on a couple of trips....a trip to Oakham (in Rutland)and also on a mystery trip ....well I'm very sorry to all of you ,who waved me off to Oakham ,We  actually went on the mystery trip yesterday !!Durrrr.. I'm not safe to be out on my own ! I can only assume it was all those games of Bingo that blew my mind ,well thats my excuse anyway ! I wont tell you about it today ,because I have some pictures I took and havent sorted them out yet....any way have to save something for next week  in case I dry up ,I have just been getting some moral support from my dear chum Ally ,I told her I just hope the butterflys in my tummy ,morph into ideas .If I do get stuck and have to resort to previous entrys I am relying on you , all my good friends ,to pretend you hadnt heard it all before ,and act accordingly.. lol.. you know act all surprised !! Or would that be cheating ? Oh well I'm going to try not to worry about it ,in a fortnight from now it will all be over and a hundred years from now it wont matter anyway .I feel I owe it to you ,though to tell you the mystery trip ended up in a charming little village/town ? in Essex,called Finchingfield.

Apparently my entry went wide again yesterday if that is the case today dont forget to.. click onto link to entry at the bottom of the page..and hopefully you will be able to read ,without to borrow a quote from Joan stranny dayze,'getting a tennis neck'

My Thanks as ever to Donna for her lovely graphics today ....with Love and have a good weekend From ...


Thursday, 18 May 2006

Wednesday was wappy

Good Morning ,every one I didnt get an entry done yesterday,,,,,,,, The day ,as some do ,just flew by,,,,,I was busy in the morning I read a few more emails ,I did Maurices pack up he's on another six night stint,,,,I got myself ready and I was picked up by Karen ,the tenant participation manager ,and we joined some more people who are on the committee,It was more to finalise the fun day the company are putting on for the tenants ,and it sounds alot of fun ,the main feature is to be a reenactment of the civil war by the Sealed Knot Society,I was talking to Brigid,who says her friend plays the part of a merchants wife and does the most amazing 'black embroidery' intriguing I will be checking that out.,,,and passing on what I learn about it in due course .The second item on the agenda was of course the news letter ,and since I had told Karen my news about being featured as a silver surfer ,she wants me to do an item on that ! ie what a manager does when she retires ,and because I went to the energy saving day,,,yes you guessed it ! ,,,,,,,Today is the day I go off to Oakham ,with the guys and gals (sound like Jimmy Saville !)at the over sixties club .Oh before I go on ,I have a big apology to make to Oakham ,I am afraid in my last entry I moved Oakham into the next county ,,,,,Oakham is of course in Rutland ,and I should have known better,,,,when my son Derek finished agricultual college,he got a position on a farm at Burley,On The,Hill ,  just outside Oakham,and his claim to fame was being the youngest farm foreman in Rutland ! He has now gone on to do greater things ,working for the Thames water board,managing the transportation of sewage from one end of the country to the other !,,,,,,,,,,I,m getting side tracked here I was telling you why I didnt post yesterday,I came home,from the meeting in time to have a cuppa with Maurice before he went ,,dealt with some more emails ,then Donna and I were emailing each other on and off all evening ,about some graphics for next week ,and as usually happens she is giving me inspiration from her lovely graphics....remember the Relax one I did about 'my time 'when my children were little, and how I found relaxing in the bath ,gave me much needed space ,,,,,,,,,In between all this I was answering alerts ,then had a nice long chat ,to Jeannette (travels) Ifinally cleared the emails ,,,,,and at about eleven o clock I was ironing work shirts,you can tell where my prioritys lie emails then shirts lol ,,,,,,,,,And so dear friends I am now going to prepare for my day out,Hope you all have a lovely day ...with love from 



   Thank you Sara for this lovely sig xx  

Tuesday, 16 May 2006

K K Katey my beautiful Katey

May 16, the Birthday of my youngest ,and you've all heard about our Kate ,in fact she often comments on this journal ,as Kgermanshepherd .She is having so much trouble at the moment with her back ,and today has an appointment,for some physio ;and usually after she's been for a couple of days, is in alot of discomfort ,she is going on holiday in two weeks so we are hoping she will soon get some benefit from the treatments .


Kate is married to Martin who's Birthday was last month ,and has two very dear sons Matt and Sam .As I said she is my baby ,she hates me saying that,she not keen on me calling her Catherine either ....but I'm her Mum  SO ....she has two older brothers Mark and Derek and Sharon her older sister ..........I used to tease her ,and say she was my tin baby ,because I dropped a clanger when she was concieved ,of course it really was a joke we wouldnt be without her ,she is my rock ,I can rely on my Kate ,she is my daughter but she is also a very  dear friend too .....

And not only is it Kates Birthday ,Action man is forty today ,imagine we've had that little plastic man around all that time ,the first one didnt have that fuzzy hair,  in the begining it was plastic ,both my boys had action men and I know all my Grandsons have had them too ,Hmm I wonder if now he's forty they will give him a baldy head or even grey hair ?

John came this morning at ten o clock and went home at two thirty !dont ask me what he did ,you know computers are  time comsuming arent they ? he put all my pictures onto disc freed up loads of space and numerous other things ,the only thing was the minute I came to prepare for this entry ,I wanted to scan some beautiful pictures of my lovely baby ,the printer/ scanner refuses to work ,so I am bumbling along in my own inimatable way !

Karen ,who works for the company I worked for, has persuaded me to go onto the tenant participation team, and she is picking me up at one fifteen  tomorrow , we are going to discuss the news letter ,I was on that team before I retired so she wants me continue ,then on Thursday I am off to Oakham ,Lincs with the over sixty group so its a full week ,I have just nticed I have 104 alerts still awaiting my attention,oh and before I go I'd better 'fess up  Sandra ,I pinched the birthday graphic from you ,  but bless her heart when she heard I'd lost everything the other day she told me she got stuff I could use next week ,Hopefully I'm up and running again.. so touch wood !

Have a lovely evening everyone ,with Love from 

Thankyou for this Donna,I will be in touch soon xxx